Keto weight loss

Hey friends, today i have brought a product , which someone had refered to me.

After doing a hell lot of research on this i am now satisfied that I can publish about that on my blog.

So it states that it has some recepies , really tasty ones for weight loss, through keto… yes.. it claims to make you loose weight using customized keto recepies.

Let’s start with an example, I read there ..

Let’s face it… the ketogenic diet is tough.
Of course, the results have been proven over and over again. There’s no doubt this is a very effective way of burning fat, improving brain function, increasing energy and feeling younger…

I mean, you pretty much have to cut out so many delicious foods and deprive yourself.

But it’s just so hard to maintain.

Unfortunately, that’s the easiest way to run into a plateau and rebound from all that effort…

I know, because that’s exactly what happened to me.
I lost 21 pounds on the ketogenic diet…
And then I gained it all back because I couldn’t take it anymore…
You see, being married to one of the best cooks in the world for over 25 years, you get to enjoy the rich flavors of all kinds of foods.

And let’s just say that I have one heck of a sweet tooth.

So as the years went on, I became 70 pounds overweight and started to have some health scares…

When a trip to the doctor revealed that I was borderline Type 2 diabetic, I decided to make a change right then and there.

It Wasn’t Until I Stumbled upon the Ketogenic Diet That I Finally Had Some Hope.
The results other people were getting from it were very encouraging to me. I thought, this might actually work for me…

So I decided to learn everything I could about the “ins and outs” of the keto diet and how the body forces itself to burn away fat by producing ketones from not having too many carbs.

I gave the keto diet a try, and in just a few short weeks, I lost 21 pounds.

This is the end of the story and main thing , that it actually worked.

So for all my fat readers i recommend you to just have a trial of this product.

Will share its link also, so that you can all , atleast read about it and use when you are satisfied.

Click to know more about that product

Looking for you comments about the product and if someone has used it.. please guide us..

Fat loss diet

That day i came across a guy, he was in his early thirties, around 5 feet 7inches with a body weight of 96 kgs… Really..? 96 kg is alot for a person of that height.
So our conversation started, being a professional, I asked about his diet and workout pattern… Now, his workout was hell alot.. 10 kms of morning run with around 1.5 hours of workout in gym..if I am asked to do that much workout.. I must have died.
Then comes the main part.. DIET.. He was not eating anything.. Really.. But true.. Morning he takes water with honey( every dieticians favourite morning drink) before his cardio, when he comes back have a small bowl of poha with green tea. Then 1 roti or chapati in lunch with veggies and then straight after his workout 3 boiled egg whites. THATS IT…!!
so he is no doubt on calorie deficit. But still not losing weight… Thats strange.. Right?
Now the answer is a simple word.. ADAPTATION. Yes..! His body is adapted to eat that much portion only.. And trying to hold on his body weight.. A simple process, which we call “HOMEOSTASIS” .
Where your body tries to maintain a stable environment and tries to adapt to the coming stimulus.
Now the solution, which I suggested,
Gradually increase his diet, Balanced macros and micros, with very less or no sugar or sweets.. Ya, occasionally he can have.
Now the results, YES YES YES.. he lost 5 kgs of stubburn fat in his first month of diet.. Though 5 kg is nothing.. But his plateo is now broken and hopefully he will loose more.. We have a target of a complete transformation in next 1 year.. Lets hope for the best..
This article is based on a true incident, and from my past experience also..its always the diet which contribute to 80 percent of a transformation.
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Your suggestions are valuable for me.. 🙂

Creatine monohydrate powder – yes or no?

What is creatine monohydrate -creatine monohydrate is the most popular and effective supplement on the market. Atheletes consistently use creatine to get HUGE, AMAZING gains!Our bodies naturally make the compound, which is used to supply energy to our muscles. It is produced in the liver, pancreas, and kidneys, and is transported to the body’s muscles through the bloodstream. Once it reaches the muscles, it is converted into phosphocreatine (creatine phosphate). This high-powered metabolite is used to regenerate the muscles’ ultimate energy source, ATP (adenosine triphosphate).Unlike other steroids, creatine is 110 percent natural and therefore its never been banned in sports industry.Who can benefit from it?Technically everyone who wants to get muscles and have a good physique and muscle recovery can take creatine.Creatine can also cause stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and muscle cramping. Creatine causes muscles to draw water from the rest of your body. So one has to b careful while having it.. And should NOT exceed the recommended dose.Creatine dosage-Though it depends on a persons body weight but still its recommended one should not exceed the 10gms a day. Also every body is different and responds differently so its always better to increase dose slowly.Conclusion -With this discussion and above mentioned points, we can conclude that one should take and should not take creatine.Every body responds differently. Its always better to consult your trainer or nutritionist before starting any supplement.Stay tuned for more fitness articles. Your valuable suggestions are important for me.

BUILD IT UP by S2FITT… Beginners, episode 1. 

Hi, I’m not gonna waste your time in explaining and going into depth in these programs.

Beginners program-

Those are the beginners who just had joined the gym and started working out.. Say, for example less than a year experience of lifting. 

Plan is to start slow and focus more on the posture. Its the best time to learn new moves and making your body adapt them.

Pattern A-

Circuit training for 6 to 10 days, light to moderate weight and learn the moves. 

After 10 days move into split format. 

Split format-

Day1 – chest back or chest triceps 

Day2 – cardio or general stretches

Day3- shoulder legs or back biceps

Day4- cardio or stretches

Day5- arms or shoulder legs

These formats are made only for the beginners and apart from these there are many formats or combinations.. Basic idea is to go ligh, go slow and focus on learning .. Stay tuned for next session of workout patterns… 


Hii friends,
Wanted to share with you all my new NATURAL FAT LOSS PLAN.
My work load has increased.. And I was hardly getting time for my workouts..I know I am a fitness professional and I should workout regularly..but was really blocked with pre fixed appointments..
Then one day I saw myself in changing room and was depressed to see my condition.. With pot belly.. Lol.. Yes.. Was getting covered with fat all over my muscles..
I use to be a muscular guy..not huge but a combo of ecto-meso body type.. But now I was fat.. Then I heard someone saying that shredding and building muscles are easy and fast on steroids, though I have used them before, and I know how to safely use them.. But then I thought, ” let’s do it in a NATURAL WAY”.  So I started to train myself and started to research about different shredding strategies…based on that I designed a 6 months shredding plan, and experimented it on myself before to anyone else, so now I am gonna share with you all.
Plan was simple , was using a combo of ketone, carb cycle and high protein and high carb diet.. Yesss, was using all these strategies in a periodic manner along with my workout so that I can maintain my muscle mass.
My workout was also quite modified according to my goal.
So let’s come to the plan-
Diet- first month,
Ketone, was having only fat and protein in my diet.. No carbs at all.. Only 30 to 50gms a day that too from default.
For that I have calculated my metabolic rate, and according to that have tailored my diet,
Metabolic rate- 1650 Cals
Calories from fat-  80 percent of BMR.
According to which I calculated my fat requirement.
Calories from protein 20 percent of my BMR .
So I followed that for nxt 1 month.. I lost around 2 kgs of fat and still was able to maintain my muscle mass.
Now, regarding my workout, so my workout was normal..
Day1 – chest triceps-  5 varieties of chest and 4 of triceps.
Day2- legs- 4 variations
Day3- back biceps- 5 varieties of back and 4 of biceps.
Day 4- start again from day 1.
So was doing 6days workout a week.
I hardly do cardio.. But I only do high intensity one.. In intervals for max 5 mins.. Total workout is of 45 mins.
So after first 4 weeks, I shifted from ketone to high protein high carb diet for next 2 months. I gained good amount of muscles from this diet.. But fat loss was stagnant..workout was intensified. And I was doing 5 sets per exercise.
That too was doing power training.. Rep range limited to 5.
Then I started carb cycling.. Was on high carbs n low carb days. Though I was taking healthy fats through out these 6months..
Workout was intensified more.. Was working out 7 days a week now.
That gave my body a shock.. And I lost 3 more kgs in these 2 months.
Then I again shifted back to ketone, but now with different stats.. Coz have lost 5 kgs of fat till now.. Was near to my target.
So after 1 month of my ketone diet.  I started my weaning off phase.. Which was high carb high protein, and a clean diet program. Was not having any sweets or refined sugar and trying to avoid carbs at least 5 hours before I sleep…
So I have lost a total of 7 kgs By now.. But my muscle mass was same. , I thought to share this plan with all my trainees and followers,  though not every body is same.. But the protocols if implied in a systematic manner can give desired results.. So have to be patient and dedicated towards your goals. You will definitely achieve that…
I am also sharing my before and after pics with dates mentioned. In case of more detailed plans and workout schedules, can contact me.. Always there to help my followers and trainees…


Plateau breaking – time to shock your muscles

Hiiii friends,
In today’s article will talk about the concept of muscle adaptation.
Muscles gets use to the same type of workout and so the results slows down.
That’s why the concept of PERIODIZATION came into existence.
In laymen terms, you have to change the workout pattern or rep range after every 3 to 4 weeks.
Will be discussing periodization and some of the muscle shocking patterns today.
Let’s start with the concept of periodization.
Your muscles gets use to the same stimulus given to for example, if we train them for hypertrophy range ie. 8 to 12 rep range for more than 4 weeks then after some time you will notice that results are getting slower. That’s because your muscles are now adapted to that rep range stimulus. So in order to break that you need to change your workout pattern or the rep range. For example train for power or high reps for next 3 weeks and then again switch back to the hypertrophy range. You will start getting results again and will be stronger this time.
Hope you have understood the concept. I always try to keep my blogs in simple, short and layman language so that people can understand the concept clearly.
Now let’s discuss some patterns to shock your muscles.
These are often called as FINISHERS and performed at the end of your workout.

Do reps in reverse counts. Example, for lagging middle delts after finishing your shoulder workout, hold a pair of light dumbells and start side raises. Reps will be 10,9,8, 7,6,5 and then 10( 4+3+2+1=10). Condition, you should not leave the dumbells untill you finish full 54 reps.

super sets are done by performing two different exercises of either same or different muscle groups simultaneously.
Like ,combining chest fly and chest press alternately.

This is done by alternating high reps with low reps. Untill you perform 5sets.
Example, 25reps of barbell curl with light weight with 30 percent of 1 RM followed by 5 reps with 85 percent of 1 RM. then, increasing the weight of the barbell untill you reach 1 RM.
set 1- curl(30 percnt, 25 reps + 85percent, 5 reps)
Set 2- curl (40 percent, 20 reps.+ 90 percent, 4 reps)
Set3- curl( 50 percent, 15 reps, + 95 percnt, 3 reps)
Set4- curl( 60 percent, 10 reps +100 percent 2 reps forced)
Set 5-curl(70  percent, 5 reps + 100 percent 1 reps forced).

In this pattern, the weight reduces and reps increases in a periodic manner.
Set1- bench press 100 kg, 5 reps
Set2-  80 kg, 10 reps
Set3-  60 kg, 15 reps
Set 4- 40 kg, 20 reps.

Apart from these 4 techniques we can also challenge our muscles by adding on rotational forces and plyos.
Hope you have understood the concept of periodization and shocking muscle techniques. In case , you get stucked in your fitness journey , feel free to consult.
Happpy workout.. Enjoy..

What is my body type

I often see people in gym doing endless crunches ,alot of cardio and intense workout for hours.. But still looking same.. Are they making a mistake?? I guess YES.
Workout intensity , workout type and duration all depends on a person’s body type, diet and genetics.
There are 3 basic body types –
1. Ectomorphs
2. Mesomorphs
3. EndomorphsNow, ectomorphs are those who struggle to gain muscle mass and even body weight. You must have met many people saying that they eat alot. But never gain weight or mass.. For those the workout pattern and diet will be different to gain muscles.
Mesomorphs , are those who stay muscular every time.. Most hated Good metabolism and good muscle mass and less fat are their characteristics..their workout and diet pattern is different that endo and ecto types.
Endomorphs are those whose metabolism is slow and tendancy to gain fat is must have seen people in gym, who do long workouts and intense ones, but still look same.. For those the workout and diet pattern will be different.
Now, apart from these types.. An individual can be a mixture of 2 different body types, like endomeso or ectomeso..
Changing individuals body type is possible only through correct workout and diet modifications , which I wil be discussing in next blog.
Now, lets come back on the abs development..
There is a saying that ABS ARE MADE IN KITCHEN, which is true.. And most important.. Your abs are like any other muscle group of your body, like chest, back etc. For example,
If you want to develop a good chest you have to hit it from different angles using weights.. Then why not your abs?
Weighted abs help to develop abdomenal muscles and you should treat them as an individual body part.
But,, thats not enough, your abs will not be visible untill your body fat percentage drops less than 10 percent.
Which will only be possible if you follow a good and clean diet.
So , stop doing endless crunches and start treating your abs like an individual body part with a good clean diet. You will definitely see the change.
Stay tuned for workout patterns for different body types and other workout patterns.
For any suggestions and queries do let me know.
Take care and happy workout.
Sushant sehgal

Strength training protocol for beginners

Hii friends,
Today will talk about how a beginner should do a workout in a gym along with diet modifications.
Guys n gals join gym to look good. People feel good when they are admired for their looks.
In this plan we will talk about , how to plan your workout and what all things you should be taking care of.
1. You should be able to decide  difference between overtraining and under training.. Basically, you should be working out in a smart way to see results.
2. You should never ever do ego friend lifts 100 pounds on bench press.. I can’t.. So it doesn’t mean that I should also be lifting the all depends on your nutrition , your workout history and many other factors.
3. Be patient.. Your body takes time naturally to build , to grow, to cut down.. It all takes time. So you should have patience.
4. Be consistent, do not ever leave gym, saying that you are not getting results.. See, it all takes time, you should be motivated to see changes in urslf.
5. Always consult a professional. I see many members in a gym, who take steroids make their body and then try to show other members that they know better. See, will give you a simple example, if you go to a hospital.. Where you see many patients, then will you follow advice of a medical practitioner or a patient who is already admitted in that hospital?
Fitness professionals study about the human anatomy, physiology and know other things related to human body.. So it’s always better to consult one , rather following advice from fellow  members.

Now, let’s come to a basic workout schedule for a beginner. Will discuss only for 1st 2weeks only.. Coz it’s the time when your body shows maximum results…n tries to adapt.

Day1-  upper body circuit
Warm up stretches
2 exercises of chest and back
1 exercise of shoulder
1 each of biceps and triceps
1 core
Go for 3 sets with moderate weight and 12 to 15 reps
Cool down stretches

Day 2-  lower body circuit
Do 3different machines of legs. 3 sets. 12 to 15 reps.
Day 3- take a break
Day4- repeat day 1  with slight increase I intensity.
Day 5-  day 2
Day 6- rest again
Day 7 – start again.

This is only a beginner’s workout.. After 2 weeks body wil be properly opened up and then you are ready to change our workout schedule.

Take aways-
1. Stay motivated.
2. Always consult a fitness professional
3. Have patience.
4. No ego lifting
For any queries you can contact me at anytym..
Stay happy and stay fit.. 🙂

Sushant sehgal

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