What is holistic fitness and its types ?

Before discussing about types of holistic fitness, let’s know what do we mean by HOLISTIC FITNESS?

 Holistic Fitness focus on  more than just muscles in terms of strength and endurance.

 It is basically a health protocol  whose aim is  to enhance the fitness of the complete physical body and emotional health. It  Combines various methods of stress reduction, diet, traditional exercise, and sleep habits.


Holistic nutrition involves eating natural food which should be in its natural state  for optimum health and well- being. 

Basic food items involving holistic nutrition include unrefined, unprocessed, organic and locally grown whole foods.

What are Holistic Exercises?

Basically there are 4 Types of Exercise that are thought to Improve your Body and Mind. 

 Regular exercises which we do in our gym or home etc involves alot of physical moves and progressions which involves alot of physical hard work.  Holistic exercise are totally opposite, it involves  workout techniques that keep the body fit while contributing to a sense of relaxation and spiritual balance.

 Let’s discuss about these 4  types of holistic exercises and their benefits.

1. Yoga

Yoga was one of the oldest exercise technique in India introduced by ancient saints to calm their mind and soul. It was introduced in United States in 70s, but got no popularity because it was thought to be a short lived workout format, but steadily it has gained popularity now.. it is now one of the greatest exercises technique which is considered equivalent to high intensity workout in terms of relaxation as well as overall fitness.

Yoga emphasis on various asanas which are easy to start with and progress to more difficult versions. 

2. Qigong

Qigong, is a Chinese exercise system which is used for   mental and physical training. 

It is similar with yoga as it also puts an  emphasis on mindfulness, gentle movements, breathing, and flexibility. There are various static postures in this form which share the same soothing component of relaxation. 

It was first considered to be a medical technique to cure some ailments , but eventually with time it is now considered as a part of holistic fitness with short term and long term effects. 

3. Tai Chi

This is a form of martial arts with an emphasis on slow movement, deep breathing, and physical and mental balance. 

Tai chi is considered to be an effdctive treatment for various conditions like arthritis or any sort of chronic pain and is an effective stress reducer. 

It has similar effects of yoga and quigong, with an additional benefit of martial arts form and self defence. 

4. Massage

Massage is mostly not considered as a form of exercise but in true sense it involves muscles movements along with a soothing effect. To improve overall health. 

Massage is considered to be an effective treatment for 

Relieveing pain , anxiety , stress and as well as depression.

Best workout to do at home with equipments

  Best exercises to do at home- 

First of all, wanted to welcome you all on by blog, and secondly, sorry, because I’m not a writer but a certified trainer and dietician, so might have grammar mistake. So please accept my apologies before. 

Without undue delay let’s come on the point.

As you know that because of covid epidemic it’s good to avoid crowded places. So if you want to avoid gym but still wanted to loose weight, then you should try these top 10 exercises which you can do at home without any equipment needed. 

1. Jumping jacks 

One of the oldest exercise. Jumping jacks are considered to be one of the best moderate level of cardio which can be done at home. Its posture is shown in the video and you can try doing 3 to 4 sets of 30 to 50 reps. 

It elavates your heart rate and helps you to burn calories. 

2. Squats 

One of the best body weight  exercise. Squats are considered to be a compound exercise which uses more than one muscle of your body. 

It focus on your legs and back muscles. Now, as both are the largest muscles of the body, the calorie burn will be maximum. More calorie burn  along with muscle engagement, more efficient the exercises. 

You can try 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps of it. 

3. Push ups- 

Push ups are also considered to be an effective body weight exercise which can be done at home. It focus majorly on chest, shoulders and triceps. 

And some what effect on serratus and core muscles. 

You can try doing 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps. 

4. Burpees

Burpees are one of the best high intensity exercise which you can do at home. 

It elavates your heart rate and engages maximum muscles in a single rep. You can do 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps of burpees. 

Burpees, are not for everyone.. it’s comes under one of the high intensity exercises. 

5. Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers are again comes under high intensity exercises along with burpees. It elavates your heart rate , and engages your core, shoulders and leg muscles in a single rep. 

You can do 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 each side reps of it.

6. Leg raises

One of the best and old school exercise for targetting your ab muscles. It helps to tone your abdomenals but the actual result comes when you combine it with a clean diet. 

You can try doing 10 to 15 reps in 3 to 4 sets. 

7. Plank 

One of the best core or I can say a complete body exercise. Plank strengthen and conditions your core muscles. You can try doing 3 to 4 sets of max hold attempts of it.

So, these are some of the exercises which you can try at home without any equipments needed. 

Apart from these there are thousands of other body weight exercises and modifications also. You can add these atleast to start your home workout plan and then as your level advances, you can move to more complex exercises. Which will be covered soon. 

Let me know how you find this information and any suggestions you have for me to improve. Looking forward for your comments.

Learn Raspberry pi in 25 easy lessons

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Lesson 7: Downloading the operating system from the Internet

Lesson 8: Installing the operating system on the microSD card (PC+Mac)

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Lesson 11: Setup the Raspberry Pi without a monitor (headless installation)

Lesson 12: microSD backup & image recovery

Lesson 13: Delete the microSD card (Mac + PC)

Lesson 14: Which projects are software-based possible?

Lesson 15: Software Project: PI-Hole network-wide advertising blocker

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Lesson 19: Which sensors can I connect to the Raspberry Pi?

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Lesson 21: Hardware Project: Soil Moisture Module

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How to know your body type ?

First of all, wanted to welcome you on my blog, secondly, let me introduce myself , I am Sushhant, an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Dietician, but I am not a writer. So I am really really sorry for my grammer mistakes that i had made.. Now, Without wasting your time, let’s go to the content – 

As you all know, that no other body is same, so their workout and diet should also be not same. We all humans are devided into 3 main types, and all 3 have different response to diet and workout. 

There are 3 basic body types –

1. Ectomorphs

2. Mesomorphs

3. Endomorphs

Now, Ectomorphs are those who struggle to gain muscle mass and even body weight. You must have met many people saying that they eat alot, But never gain weight nor mass.. For those the workout pattern and diet will be different to gain muscles. We will come to that part shortly. 

Mesomorphs , are those who stay muscular every time.. Most hated people..lol.. Good metabolism and good muscle mass and less fat are their characteristics. So their workout and diet plan should be different than that of other 2 types.

Endomorphs are those people, whose metabolism is slow and tendancy to gain fat is more..you must have seen people in gym, who are doing long long workouts and intense ones, but still look same.. For those the workout and diet pattern will be different.

Now, apart from these types.. 

An individual can be a mixture of 2 different body types, like Endo-Meso or Ecto-Meso..

We can change an individual body type only through correct workout and diet modifications.

That’s why , your workout and diet plan should be designed according to your body type which we will discuss over here   


Ectomorphs or hard gainers should be focussing on more weight lifting or strength training and less of cardio as they loose muscle mass quickly.

also their diet should be a balance of quality proteins, complex carbs and fats. You can even try to add on supplement like creatine monohydrate , it works best on ectomorphs. 

Focus on having frequent complete meals through out the day. 


Meso workouts should be a mix of cardio and strength and endo should focus more on cardio for their weight loss.. 

Meso gets a leverage of eating what they want, their body type helps them to burn it fast. 


Endomorphs are slow loosers, round body and tendancy to gain weight and fat faster. 

Their workout should be focussed more on calorie burn, that’s a combination of good amount of cardio and weight training. For them supplements like a fat burner and thermogenics like meticore work well to burn their calroies faster. 

Regarding their diet, they should focus more on lean protein along with good quality carbs. Their diet should be as clean as possible , so that , they wont gain fat. 


Ectomorphs characters- 

Small “delicate” frame and bone structure.Classic “hardgainer, Flat chest, Small shoulders, Thin, Lean muscle mass, Finds it hard to gain weight and Fast metabolism.

Mesomorph characters

Well built, muscular body, better metabolism , well developed shoulders. 

Endomorphs characters- 

Soft, round body, Short, stocky limbs, Large bone structure; “big-boned”, Fitted jeans are snug around the hips and glutes., Slow metabolism, Lose fat with difficulty, Gains fat and muscle at an average rate, Lack of muscle definition. You can improve your metabolism by adding on a good thermogenic, to accelarate weight loss.

Now, you can check your body type and decide your workout and diet. 

Hope, now you all have understood your body type and will be able to design your workouts and diet plans. For further assistance or guide you can me on https://www.trainwithsushhant.com/p/get-trained-by-sushhant.html

Hope you have understood my grammer.. n if any mistakes iam sorry.. if you like my content you can subscribe or comment which will motivate me to write further..

How to remove bloating with 10 cool tricks

How to remove bloating

First of all, wanted to welcome you on my blog, secondly, let me introduce myself , I am Sushhant, an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Dietician, but I am not a writer. So I am really really sorry for my grammer mistakes that i had made.. Now, Without wasting your time, let’s go to the content.

Bloating is when your belly or in some cases hands or feet feel swelled up, sometimes it can be relared to high bp but, if you are not a bp patient,then it can be related to your diet, initially, It is not a disease, but may result into one.

It is often caused by gas accumulation in stomach or disturbance in stomach muscles. Bloating sometimes can cause pain and a feeling of fullness in stomach, as a result makes your stomach look bigger. Lets discuss how to get rid of this bloating by adopting simple fitness hacks-

1. Food allergies and intolerance to certain food

When you eat certain foods you are intolerant to, you end up getting gas development and stomach discomfort. Common food people intolerant to includes, lactose, fructose, gluten, eggs, some veggies etc.

2. Avoid gas forming food

Some high fibre food items like beans etc may cause gas formation to some individuals. They have an advantage of satiety and getting digested slowly makes you full for longer, but sometimes this ends up in development of gas in stomach. You should be aware of such food items and consume less quantity.

3. Dont be constipated

Constipation is also considered to be a cause of full stomach or bloating. Adequate amount of fibre in diet, drinking good amount of water along with physical activity can give relieve in constipation and as a result reduce bloating.

4. Take probiotics

Probiotic supplements helps the stomach bacterias to get rid of gases produced and as result reduce bloating.

5. Pepper mint

Peppermint is considered to be helpful in some cases of irritable bowel syndrome and other causes of bloating on some individuals.

6. Hot lemon water

Hot lemon water in morning can help some individuals to debloat as it stimulates digestive movements.

7. Yoga or physical activities

Some yoga asans help in improving digestion and as a result help to debloat.

8. Eating speed

One should always eat slowly and chew their food properly. This will prevent too much to be trapped in your digestive tract, so always chews your food properly so that its properly digested. 

9. Drink more water

Water is a universal solvent. It helps in dossoving and flushing out excess salt and toxins from body system. So  keeping yourself hydrated is always a good idea.

10. Some home remedies- 

Spices like ginger, cinnamon, peppermint etc have a soothing effect on your stomach. You can make a drink using these ingredients and drink it throughout the day to debloat quickly.

These are some of the ways which you can adopt to prevent bloating and look fab throughout the day.

In case of any querries visit

10 cool tips to loose belly fat

10 cool tips to loose belly fat

  First of all, wanted to welcome you on my blog, secondly, let me introduce myself , I am Sushhant, an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Dietician, but I am not a writer. So I am really really sorry for my grammer mistakes that i had made.. Now, Without wasting your time, let’s go to the content –  We always diet and workout to loose weight and inches. But once we leave diet we tend to regain that lost fat or weight again..Why ?Its because after following particular diet we push our body into a calorie deficit state and once we leave our diet and starts eating regularly we gain that weight or fat again.Today will be discussing 10 simple tricks that you can follow to keep away that fat from your body forever.
1. Limit your intake of added sugar.Added sugar is mostly linked with obesity, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver etc.Studies show that added sugar is dierectly linked with increase in waist size and overall calories specially in people who take sweetened drinks. Its always good to stay away from this habit.
2. Reduce stressStress and anxiety leads to release of cortisol ( catabolic harmone) which stimulates your appetite and you end up eating more than usual calories. It is also related with binge eating and cravings. Better not to take any stress and avoid this harmone to interfere in your healthy life.

3. Avoid liquid caloriesLiquid calories consists of high sugar drinks, like soft drinks, soda, alcohol or energy drinks.It is easy to drink a large quantity of these drinks which leads to increase in overall calories.
4. Eat plenty of soluble fibre

Soluble fibre absorbs water and slows down their rate of absobtion in digestive track.Which makes you feel full so that you end up eating less calories.Some of the sources of soluble fibre are legumes, brussel sprouts, flex seeds etc.

5. Avoid foods containing trans fatTrans fats are created by pumping hydrogen into unsaturated fats.They’re found in some margarines and spreads and also often added to packaged foods.These fats have been linked to inflammation, heart disease, insulin resistance and abdominal fat gain.Its always better to read ingredient label carefully before making a purchase.

6. Eat a moderate to high protein diet

Protein intake increases the release of the fullness hormone PYY, which decreases appetite and promotes fullness.also increases your metabolic rate and helps you retain muscle mass during weight loss.Be sure to include a good protein source at every meal, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy, whey protein or beans.
7. Do a mix match of cardio and resistance training.cardio is an effective way to improve your health and burn calories actively where as resistance training improves metabolism and makes you burn calories throughout the day.
8. Try probiotic food or supplements -Probiotics are bacteria found in some foods and supplements. They have many health benefits, including improved gut health and enhanced immune function.
9. Track your food intake and exerciseMany things help you to loose body fat and keep you slim.. Its always better to keep a track of your consumed calories and the your calories burned.
10. Keep yourself hydratedWater in any form is good, provided you dont mix extra calories in it. Example- soda, juices, high energy drinks, sweetened coffee etc are bad as you get added extra calories from it. Whereas normal water or unsweetended green tea or coffee or coconut water etc seems to be good in order to keep ourselves hydrated. It also helps in removing bloating.
Conclusion -Loosing fat is easy if you careful about these rules and adopt some of these in your daily life.
Weight loss always requires some effort and commitment from your end.If you have any queries regarding fitness or nutrition please feel free to comment or like.All suggestions are most welcome.

BUILD IT UP by S2FITT… Beginners, episode 1. 

Hi, I’m not gonna waste your time in explaining and going into depth in these programs.

Beginners program-

Those are the beginners who just had joined the gym and started working out.. Say, for example less than a year experience of lifting. 

Plan is to start slow and focus more on the posture. Its the best time to learn new moves and making your body adapt them.

Pattern A-

Circuit training for 6 to 10 days, light to moderate weight and learn the moves. 

After 10 days move into split format. 

Split format-

Day1 – chest back or chest triceps 

Day2 – cardio or general stretches

Day3- shoulder legs or back biceps

Day4- cardio or stretches

Day5- arms or shoulder legs

These formats are made only for the beginners and apart from these there are many formats or combinations.. Basic idea is to go ligh, go slow and focus on learning .. Stay tuned for next session of workout patterns… 


Hii friends,
Wanted to share with you all my new NATURAL FAT LOSS PLAN.
My work load has increased.. And I was hardly getting time for my workouts..I know I am a fitness professional and I should workout regularly..but was really blocked with pre fixed appointments..
Then one day I saw myself in changing room and was depressed to see my condition.. With pot belly.. Lol.. Yes.. Was getting covered with fat all over my muscles..
I use to be a muscular guy..not huge but a combo of ecto-meso body type.. But now I was fat.. Then I heard someone saying that shredding and building muscles are easy and fast on steroids, though I have used them before, and I know how to safely use them.. But then I thought, ” let’s do it in a NATURAL WAY”.  So I started to train myself and started to research about different shredding strategies…based on that I designed a 6 months shredding plan, and experimented it on myself before to anyone else, so now I am gonna share with you all.
Plan was simple , was using a combo of ketone, carb cycle and high protein and high carb diet.. Yesss, was using all these strategies in a periodic manner along with my workout so that I can maintain my muscle mass.
My workout was also quite modified according to my goal.
So let’s come to the plan-
Diet- first month,
Ketone, was having only fat and protein in my diet.. No carbs at all.. Only 30 to 50gms a day that too from default.
For that I have calculated my metabolic rate, and according to that have tailored my diet,
Metabolic rate- 1650 Cals
Calories from fat-  80 percent of BMR.
According to which I calculated my fat requirement.
Calories from protein 20 percent of my BMR .
So I followed that for nxt 1 month.. I lost around 2 kgs of fat and still was able to maintain my muscle mass.
Now, regarding my workout, so my workout was normal..
Day1 – chest triceps-  5 varieties of chest and 4 of triceps.
Day2- legs- 4 variations
Day3- back biceps- 5 varieties of back and 4 of biceps.
Day 4- start again from day 1.
So was doing 6days workout a week.
I hardly do cardio.. But I only do high intensity one.. In intervals for max 5 mins.. Total workout is of 45 mins.
So after first 4 weeks, I shifted from ketone to high protein high carb diet for next 2 months. I gained good amount of muscles from this diet.. But fat loss was stagnant..workout was intensified. And I was doing 5 sets per exercise.
That too was doing power training.. Rep range limited to 5.
Then I started carb cycling.. Was on high carbs n low carb days. Though I was taking healthy fats through out these 6months..
Workout was intensified more.. Was working out 7 days a week now.
That gave my body a shock.. And I lost 3 more kgs in these 2 months.
Then I again shifted back to ketone, but now with different stats.. Coz have lost 5 kgs of fat till now.. Was near to my target.
So after 1 month of my ketone diet.  I started my weaning off phase.. Which was high carb high protein, and a clean diet program. Was not having any sweets or refined sugar and trying to avoid carbs at least 5 hours before I sleep…
So I have lost a total of 7 kgs By now.. But my muscle mass was same. , I thought to share this plan with all my trainees and followers,  though not every body is same.. But the protocols if implied in a systematic manner can give desired results.. So have to be patient and dedicated towards your goals. You will definitely achieve that…
I am also sharing my before and after pics with dates mentioned. In case of more detailed plans and workout schedules, can contact me.. Always there to help my followers and trainees…


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