Best way to lose weight by just walking

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 Exercises can be done in various ways, from beginer to intermediate, to advanced. Walking is considered to be one of the best and easiest way of exercise which help not only in weight loss, but to general fitness and stamina. 

Let’s discuss some of the ways to use walking as an effective tool for weight loss. 


The calories burned in walking depends on your body weight, for example, a 100 kg guy walking at a pace of 4 kmph will burn comparatively more calories  than a guy of 70 kgs walking at the same pace in a given interval of time. 

Also, walking fast or brisk walk burns more calories than a normal relaxed walk. 

So, by increasing your walking pace you can increase the number of calories burn. 


Walking on a smooth straight surface is easy than walking on an inclined surface or an irregular surface. 

Walking at an incline demands more struggle and efforts , which in turn force body to burn more calories. Moreover, incline walk is also considered good for toning of your legs and calf muscles. 

So, if you are used to and bored walking on a straight surface, start walking at an incline surface or an uphill or downhill or to a mountain terrain, which will be fun , adventure and a new exciting way to burn more calories.  


How to start- 

Start slow and for a brief duration of 15 to 20 mins or a comfortable time duration daily or atleast 5 times a week.

How to progress- 

Either increase your duration by a gradient of 10 mins weekly or if you want to keep the time duration same because of busy schedule,  try increasing your speed so you finish more distance in same duration of time. 

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Change your walking route, shift from a straight boring route to a more difficult, incline or irregular route. This will train your heart and body to get a sort of shock by walking on those routes. 


Walking is an excellent way to lose wieght is done correctly. Prefer walk daily, always progress by increasing duration or speed or change of route. 

Either you walk for same duration or progressive duration or straight or incline irregular surface, always monitor your progress and keep a track of you workout. 

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