Why fitness is important?

Health and fitness are really important factors of our lives. There are many people around us who has a passion for fitness and wherever they travel they search for a gym or a fitness centre nearby. So, lets discuss what is fitness and why it is important for us. 

Fitness is a state of  health and well being whether physically or mentally or spiritually. 

 A physically fit person has better physical strength than some unfit person of same age and gender. 

Though being fit is an important aspect of life. A fit person has very low chances of getting illness or any kind of disease. 

Fitness doesn’t only mean physical fitness,  it is a comprehensive term which includes physical, mental and spiritual components. 

Every component has its own importance.  Physical fitness is important for making your body strong physically, where as mental and spiritual components make your body strong from within. 

So let’s see, top 6 reasons for being fit and why fitness is so so so important for us – 

1. Increase immunity 

It is seen that a fit person has better immunity than unfit person of same age and gender. Which helps him to combat various diseases and illness, like flu, fever and various cardiac and pulmonary diseases. It is mostly advised to work on cardio and other fitness components to make your heart stronger or if you have undergone a cardiac surgery, to condition and strengthen heart muscles through cardio. 

2. Better strength 

Physical fitness is also important because it helps him or her to do day to day activities better than any other person. Whether he is driving or moving or shifting house or even climbing stairs. That’s why strength training protocol is added to any workout regime for strengthen muscles and joints along with a cardio workout. Both has its own importance and we should always design a workout keeping in mind that. 

3. Better stamina 

Stamina of a physically fit guy or gal is more or better than someone else of the same gender and age. 

Whether its on bed stamina.. he will be able to perform better and for longer.. yes.. its true. 

When you are physically fit, with no disease or deficiency or illness, your testesterone level is also good, with good and better errections thab someone else, which boosts his confidence and in return , improves his performance on bed. 

4. Better mind set and focus

A physically and a mentally fit person is focussed on his target and performs well in life.. whether he works in an office or an entrepreneur.. he is motivated and is able to do his work more effectively than others, making him a successful person. 

5. Look good to feel good

A physically fit person looks far better than others. He or she looks younger and more attractive than any other of the same age group. 

Being fit, lookin good, boosts up his confidence and releases happy harmones which in turn gives him mental fitness and other previously stated benefits. 

6. Longer and quality life

A fit person, whether physically or mentally leads a better quality disease free and longer life than others. 

He doesn’t complain of old age problems,  or cardiac or other ailments or back pain or knee pain. 

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Thats why its always recommended to live a fit and healthy life, if you want a quality old age life.

Apart from these 5 reasons,  there are many othe also. 

If you can relate with our ancestors  as they were more fitter than us and they use to live a longer and quality life. Its all because they were all fit, physically as well as mentally and spiritually. 

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