What is holistic fitness and its types ?

Before discussing about types of holistic fitness, let’s know what do we mean by HOLISTIC FITNESS?

 Holistic Fitness focus on  more than just muscles in terms of strength and endurance.

 It is basically a health protocol  whose aim is  to enhance the fitness of the complete physical body and emotional health. It  Combines various methods of stress reduction, diet, traditional exercise, and sleep habits.


Holistic nutrition involves eating natural food which should be in its natural state  for optimum health and well- being. 

Basic food items involving holistic nutrition include unrefined, unprocessed, organic and locally grown whole foods.

What are Holistic Exercises?

Basically there are 4 Types of Exercise that are thought to Improve your Body and Mind. 

 Regular exercises which we do in our gym or home etc involves alot of physical moves and progressions which involves alot of physical hard work.  Holistic exercise are totally opposite, it involves  workout techniques that keep the body fit while contributing to a sense of relaxation and spiritual balance.

 Let’s discuss about these 4  types of holistic exercises and their benefits.

1. Yoga

Yoga was one of the oldest exercise technique in India introduced by ancient saints to calm their mind and soul. It was introduced in United States in 70s, but got no popularity because it was thought to be a short lived workout format, but steadily it has gained popularity now.. it is now one of the greatest exercises technique which is considered equivalent to high intensity workout in terms of relaxation as well as overall fitness.

Yoga emphasis on various asanas which are easy to start with and progress to more difficult versions. 

2. Qigong

Qigong, is a Chinese exercise system which is used for   mental and physical training. 

It is similar with yoga as it also puts an  emphasis on mindfulness, gentle movements, breathing, and flexibility. There are various static postures in this form which share the same soothing component of relaxation. 

It was first considered to be a medical technique to cure some ailments , but eventually with time it is now considered as a part of holistic fitness with short term and long term effects. 

3. Tai Chi

This is a form of martial arts with an emphasis on slow movement, deep breathing, and physical and mental balance. 

Tai chi is considered to be an effdctive treatment for various conditions like arthritis or any sort of chronic pain and is an effective stress reducer. 

It has similar effects of yoga and quigong, with an additional benefit of martial arts form and self defence. 

4. Massage

Massage is mostly not considered as a form of exercise but in true sense it involves muscles movements along with a soothing effect. To improve overall health. 

Massage is considered to be an effective treatment for 

Relieveing pain , anxiety , stress and as well as depression.

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