How to know your body type ?

First of all, wanted to welcome you on my blog, secondly, let me introduce myself , I am Sushhant, an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Dietician, but I am not a writer. So I am really really sorry for my grammer mistakes that i had made.. Now, Without wasting your time, let’s go to the content – 

As you all know, that no other body is same, so their workout and diet should also be not same. We all humans are devided into 3 main types, and all 3 have different response to diet and workout. 

There are 3 basic body types –

1. Ectomorphs

2. Mesomorphs

3. Endomorphs

Now, Ectomorphs are those who struggle to gain muscle mass and even body weight. You must have met many people saying that they eat alot, But never gain weight nor mass.. For those the workout pattern and diet will be different to gain muscles. We will come to that part shortly. 

Mesomorphs , are those who stay muscular every time.. Most hated Good metabolism and good muscle mass and less fat are their characteristics. So their workout and diet plan should be different than that of other 2 types.

Endomorphs are those people, whose metabolism is slow and tendancy to gain fat is must have seen people in gym, who are doing long long workouts and intense ones, but still look same.. For those the workout and diet pattern will be different.

Now, apart from these types.. 

An individual can be a mixture of 2 different body types, like Endo-Meso or Ecto-Meso..

We can change an individual body type only through correct workout and diet modifications.

That’s why , your workout and diet plan should be designed according to your body type which we will discuss over here   


Ectomorphs or hard gainers should be focussing on more weight lifting or strength training and less of cardio as they loose muscle mass quickly.

also their diet should be a balance of quality proteins, complex carbs and fats. You can even try to add on supplement like creatine monohydrate , it works best on ectomorphs. 

Focus on having frequent complete meals through out the day. 


Meso workouts should be a mix of cardio and strength and endo should focus more on cardio for their weight loss.. 

Meso gets a leverage of eating what they want, their body type helps them to burn it fast. 


Endomorphs are slow loosers, round body and tendancy to gain weight and fat faster. 

Their workout should be focussed more on calorie burn, that’s a combination of good amount of cardio and weight training. For them supplements like a fat burner and thermogenics like meticore work well to burn their calroies faster. 

Regarding their diet, they should focus more on lean protein along with good quality carbs. Their diet should be as clean as possible , so that , they wont gain fat. 


Ectomorphs characters- 

Small “delicate” frame and bone structure.Classic “hardgainer, Flat chest, Small shoulders, Thin, Lean muscle mass, Finds it hard to gain weight and Fast metabolism.

Mesomorph characters

Well built, muscular body, better metabolism , well developed shoulders. 

Endomorphs characters- 

Soft, round body, Short, stocky limbs, Large bone structure; “big-boned”, Fitted jeans are snug around the hips and glutes., Slow metabolism, Lose fat with difficulty, Gains fat and muscle at an average rate, Lack of muscle definition. You can improve your metabolism by adding on a good thermogenic, to accelarate weight loss.

Now, you can check your body type and decide your workout and diet. 

Hope, now you all have understood your body type and will be able to design your workouts and diet plans. For further assistance or guide you can me on

Hope you have understood my grammer.. n if any mistakes iam sorry.. if you like my content you can subscribe or comment which will motivate me to write further..

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