Fat loss diet

That day i came across a guy, he was in his early thirties, around 5 feet 7inches with a body weight of 96 kgs… Really..? 96 kg is alot for a person of that height.
So our conversation started, being a professional, I asked about his diet and workout pattern… Now, his workout was hell alot.. 10 kms of morning run with around 1.5 hours of workout in gym..if I am asked to do that much workout.. I must have died.
Then comes the main part.. DIET.. He was not eating anything.. Really.. But true.. Morning he takes water with honey( every dieticians favourite morning drink) before his cardio, when he comes back have a small bowl of poha with green tea. Then 1 roti or chapati in lunch with veggies and then straight after his workout 3 boiled egg whites. THATS IT…!!
so he is no doubt on calorie deficit. But still not losing weight… Thats strange.. Right?
Now the answer is a simple word.. ADAPTATION. Yes..! His body is adapted to eat that much portion only.. And trying to hold on his body weight.. A simple process, which we call “HOMEOSTASIS” .
Where your body tries to maintain a stable environment and tries to adapt to the coming stimulus.
Now the solution, which I suggested,
Gradually increase his diet, Balanced macros and micros, with very less or no sugar or sweets.. Ya, occasionally he can have.
Now the results, YES YES YES.. he lost 5 kgs of stubburn fat in his first month of diet.. Though 5 kg is nothing.. But his plateo is now broken and hopefully he will loose more.. We have a target of a complete transformation in next 1 year.. Lets hope for the best..
This article is based on a true incident, and from my past experience also..its always the diet which contribute to 80 percent of a transformation.
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