Hii friends,
Wanted to share with you all my new NATURAL FAT LOSS PLAN.
My work load has increased.. And I was hardly getting time for my workouts..I know I am a fitness professional and I should workout regularly..but was really blocked with pre fixed appointments..
Then one day I saw myself in changing room and was depressed to see my condition.. With pot belly.. Lol.. Yes.. Was getting covered with fat all over my muscles..
I use to be a muscular guy..not huge but a combo of ecto-meso body type.. But now I was fat.. Then I heard someone saying that shredding and building muscles are easy and fast on steroids, though I have used them before, and I know how to safely use them.. But then I thought, ” let’s do it in a NATURAL WAY”.  So I started to train myself and started to research about different shredding strategies…based on that I designed a 6 months shredding plan, and experimented it on myself before to anyone else, so now I am gonna share with you all.
Plan was simple , was using a combo of ketone, carb cycle and high protein and high carb diet.. Yesss, was using all these strategies in a periodic manner along with my workout so that I can maintain my muscle mass.
My workout was also quite modified according to my goal.
So let’s come to the plan-
Diet- first month,
Ketone, was having only fat and protein in my diet.. No carbs at all.. Only 30 to 50gms a day that too from default.
For that I have calculated my metabolic rate, and according to that have tailored my diet,
Metabolic rate- 1650 Cals
Calories from fat-  80 percent of BMR.
According to which I calculated my fat requirement.
Calories from protein 20 percent of my BMR .
So I followed that for nxt 1 month.. I lost around 2 kgs of fat and still was able to maintain my muscle mass.
Now, regarding my workout, so my workout was normal..
Day1 – chest triceps-  5 varieties of chest and 4 of triceps.
Day2- legs- 4 variations
Day3- back biceps- 5 varieties of back and 4 of biceps.
Day 4- start again from day 1.
So was doing 6days workout a week.
I hardly do cardio.. But I only do high intensity one.. In intervals for max 5 mins.. Total workout is of 45 mins.
So after first 4 weeks, I shifted from ketone to high protein high carb diet for next 2 months. I gained good amount of muscles from this diet.. But fat loss was stagnant..workout was intensified. And I was doing 5 sets per exercise.
That too was doing power training.. Rep range limited to 5.
Then I started carb cycling.. Was on high carbs n low carb days. Though I was taking healthy fats through out these 6months..
Workout was intensified more.. Was working out 7 days a week now.
That gave my body a shock.. And I lost 3 more kgs in these 2 months.
Then I again shifted back to ketone, but now with different stats.. Coz have lost 5 kgs of fat till now.. Was near to my target.
So after 1 month of my ketone diet.  I started my weaning off phase.. Which was high carb high protein, and a clean diet program. Was not having any sweets or refined sugar and trying to avoid carbs at least 5 hours before I sleep…
So I have lost a total of 7 kgs By now.. But my muscle mass was same. , I thought to share this plan with all my trainees and followers,  though not every body is same.. But the protocols if implied in a systematic manner can give desired results.. So have to be patient and dedicated towards your goals. You will definitely achieve that…
I am also sharing my before and after pics with dates mentioned. In case of more detailed plans and workout schedules, can contact me.. Always there to help my followers and trainees…


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Fitness professional, online personal trainer and nutritionist

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