Plateau breaking – time to shock your muscles

Hiiii friends,
In today’s article will talk about the concept of muscle adaptation.
Muscles gets use to the same type of workout and so the results slows down.
That’s why the concept of PERIODIZATION came into existence.
In laymen terms, you have to change the workout pattern or rep range after every 3 to 4 weeks.
Will be discussing periodization and some of the muscle shocking patterns today.
Let’s start with the concept of periodization.
Your muscles gets use to the same stimulus given to for example, if we train them for hypertrophy range ie. 8 to 12 rep range for more than 4 weeks then after some time you will notice that results are getting slower. That’s because your muscles are now adapted to that rep range stimulus. So in order to break that you need to change your workout pattern or the rep range. For example train for power or high reps for next 3 weeks and then again switch back to the hypertrophy range. You will start getting results again and will be stronger this time.
Hope you have understood the concept. I always try to keep my blogs in simple, short and layman language so that people can understand the concept clearly.
Now let’s discuss some patterns to shock your muscles.
These are often called as FINISHERS and performed at the end of your workout.

Do reps in reverse counts. Example, for lagging middle delts after finishing your shoulder workout, hold a pair of light dumbells and start side raises. Reps will be 10,9,8, 7,6,5 and then 10( 4+3+2+1=10). Condition, you should not leave the dumbells untill you finish full 54 reps.

super sets are done by performing two different exercises of either same or different muscle groups simultaneously.
Like ,combining chest fly and chest press alternately.

This is done by alternating high reps with low reps. Untill you perform 5sets.
Example, 25reps of barbell curl with light weight with 30 percent of 1 RM followed by 5 reps with 85 percent of 1 RM. then, increasing the weight of the barbell untill you reach 1 RM.
set 1- curl(30 percnt, 25 reps + 85percent, 5 reps)
Set 2- curl (40 percent, 20 reps.+ 90 percent, 4 reps)
Set3- curl( 50 percent, 15 reps, + 95 percnt, 3 reps)
Set4- curl( 60 percent, 10 reps +100 percent 2 reps forced)
Set 5-curl(70  percent, 5 reps + 100 percent 1 reps forced).

In this pattern, the weight reduces and reps increases in a periodic manner.
Set1- bench press 100 kg, 5 reps
Set2-  80 kg, 10 reps
Set3-  60 kg, 15 reps
Set 4- 40 kg, 20 reps.

Apart from these 4 techniques we can also challenge our muscles by adding on rotational forces and plyos.
Hope you have understood the concept of periodization and shocking muscle techniques. In case , you get stucked in your fitness journey , feel free to consult.
Happpy workout.. Enjoy..

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