What is my body type

I often see people in gym doing endless crunches ,alot of cardio and intense workout for hours.. But still looking same.. Are they making a mistake?? I guess YES.
Workout intensity , workout type and duration all depends on a person’s body type, diet and genetics.
There are 3 basic body types –
1. Ectomorphs
2. Mesomorphs
3. EndomorphsNow, ectomorphs are those who struggle to gain muscle mass and even body weight. You must have met many people saying that they eat alot. But never gain weight or mass.. For those the workout pattern and diet will be different to gain muscles.
Mesomorphs , are those who stay muscular every time.. Most hated people..lol.. Good metabolism and good muscle mass and less fat are their characteristics..their workout and diet pattern is different that endo and ecto types.
Endomorphs are those whose metabolism is slow and tendancy to gain fat is more..you must have seen people in gym, who do long workouts and intense ones, but still look same.. For those the workout and diet pattern will be different.
Now, apart from these types.. An individual can be a mixture of 2 different body types, like endomeso or ectomeso..
Changing individuals body type is possible only through correct workout and diet modifications , which I wil be discussing in next blog.
Now, lets come back on the abs development..
There is a saying that ABS ARE MADE IN KITCHEN, which is true.. And most important.. Your abs are like any other muscle group of your body, like chest, back etc. For example,
If you want to develop a good chest you have to hit it from different angles using weights.. Then why not your abs?
Weighted abs help to develop abdomenal muscles and you should treat them as an individual body part.
But,, thats not enough, your abs will not be visible untill your body fat percentage drops less than 10 percent.
Which will only be possible if you follow a good and clean diet.
So , stop doing endless crunches and start treating your abs like an individual body part with a good clean diet. You will definitely see the change.
Stay tuned for workout patterns for different body types and other workout patterns.
For any suggestions and queries do let me know.
Take care and happy workout.
Sushant sehgal

Published by s2fitt

Fitness professional, online personal trainer and nutritionist

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