Strength training protocol for beginners

Hii friends,
Today will talk about how a beginner should do a workout in a gym along with diet modifications.
Guys n gals join gym to look good. People feel good when they are admired for their looks.
In this plan we will talk about , how to plan your workout and what all things you should be taking care of.
1. You should be able to decide  difference between overtraining and under training.. Basically, you should be working out in a smart way to see results.
2. You should never ever do ego friend lifts 100 pounds on bench press.. I can’t.. So it doesn’t mean that I should also be lifting the all depends on your nutrition , your workout history and many other factors.
3. Be patient.. Your body takes time naturally to build , to grow, to cut down.. It all takes time. So you should have patience.
4. Be consistent, do not ever leave gym, saying that you are not getting results.. See, it all takes time, you should be motivated to see changes in urslf.
5. Always consult a professional. I see many members in a gym, who take steroids make their body and then try to show other members that they know better. See, will give you a simple example, if you go to a hospital.. Where you see many patients, then will you follow advice of a medical practitioner or a patient who is already admitted in that hospital?
Fitness professionals study about the human anatomy, physiology and know other things related to human body.. So it’s always better to consult one , rather following advice from fellow  members.

Now, let’s come to a basic workout schedule for a beginner. Will discuss only for 1st 2weeks only.. Coz it’s the time when your body shows maximum results…n tries to adapt.

Day1-  upper body circuit
Warm up stretches
2 exercises of chest and back
1 exercise of shoulder
1 each of biceps and triceps
1 core
Go for 3 sets with moderate weight and 12 to 15 reps
Cool down stretches

Day 2-  lower body circuit
Do 3different machines of legs. 3 sets. 12 to 15 reps.
Day 3- take a break
Day4- repeat day 1  with slight increase I intensity.
Day 5-  day 2
Day 6- rest again
Day 7 – start again.

This is only a beginner’s workout.. After 2 weeks body wil be properly opened up and then you are ready to change our workout schedule.

Take aways-
1. Stay motivated.
2. Always consult a fitness professional
3. Have patience.
4. No ego lifting
For any queries you can contact me at anytym..
Stay happy and stay fit.. 🙂

Sushant sehgal

Published by s2fitt

Fitness professional, online personal trainer and nutritionist

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