How to use ketone diet for bulking

Hiiii friends, recently I have been working on ketone diet and used it on myself for clean bulking purpose.
Well, to start with my experience I want you to know about the ketone diet and how it works.
Ketone diet is a form of diet in which you take most of your calories from fat.. Yes, from fat to burn fat.. Interesting?
First of all you need to calculate your metabolic rate.. Which in my case came out to be 1670 Cals. Now , as i was using it for bulking.. So total requirement became 500 plus 1670.. 2170cals..
Now , the calculations starts..
80 percent of 2170 came around 1800.. So 1800 Cals should come from fats..and remaining from proteins.. Carbs also come but as default 30 to 50 gm max..
For your knowledge,  ketone diet is basically of 2 types, cyclic ketone diet (CKD) and standard ketone diet(SKD). As we are focussing on bulking so better option is cyclic one.. In which we introduce carbs after regular intervals to replenish glycogen stores.
I will be eating only fats and protein during these three weeks of ketone. So I took my measurements.
Day 1-
Body weight – 70 .2 kg
Fat percentage-  16
Muscle mass- 33.4kg
Bmr- 1670 Cals

So after following ketone for three weeks with 3days ketone and 1 day carbs..  This was my final score-
Body weight- 70.4 kg
Fat percentage- 12.6
Muscle mass 34.9 kg
Bmr- 1734 Cals
.. Conclusion, we can use ketone for bulking but can’t expect it to get huge gains.. But, the gains are clean.. With less fat..
I am not going into depth of ketone diet as I assume that you guys must be knowing the basics of that.
For any queries and suggestions you are most welcome to contact me.

Sushant sehgal

Published by s2fitt

Fitness professional, online personal trainer and nutritionist

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